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Amy Fleisher Madden - A Million Miles FD-070


** The bundle comes with the paperback edition of A Million Miles and an embroidered patch.
The paperback book by itself is available now. **

Maddy’s favorite band is Crimson + Clover, and when they ask her to become their tour manager her heart nearly explodes. On their one-month journey around America together they encounter the three staples of every musical story ever told: sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Granted, the sex is mostly awkward, the drugs are a consistently bad idea, and the rock n’ roll is sometimes out of tune; they’re all having the time of their life.

Amy Fleisher Madden tells a story of sweat-soaked venues and all night drives in a run-down van crammed with six people that are equally as run down. A Million Miles is a work of fiction but the truth drips off the pages. Get ready to experience what it’s really like to tour—to completely surrender your life to the fast-moving blacktop that is the road.

"Sex, drugs, rock & roll--and a quick-witted girl with glasses. In her debut novel, Amy Fleisher Madden has written a singular coming of age story you won’t soon forget and won’t want to put down."
- Marcy Dermansky / author of Bad Marie and Twins

A Million Miles is not your typical YA novel in many ways... The realness of the book is novel and refreshing… The book is far from some romance novel about hooking up with a rock star. It’s a book about loving music and being young. And it’s a book about growing up, too."

"Madden writes about the things we wish our favorite bands wrote about, the dirty little secrets that die hard fans would kill to know."
- idobi.com