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Watch Christelle Bofale's hypnotizing new music video for her single, "Miles"

Posted on April 21st, 2020

Christelle Bofale has visually revisited her song "Miles" along with the help of director Urzulka. Read how the concept for the hypnotizing and surreal video came about below and download "Miles" here.

The process of the project started with Christelle expressing to me where her lyrics from "Miles" stemmed from. From there, we came up with a plan to allude to a story without being a traditional narrative idea. The video is a representation of some of the cycles of life --- moving along through and with friendships and memories. - Urzulka

Having written the track so long ago, the process of creating a visual accompaniment was a chance for me to revisit what "Miles" meant to me then as well as what it means to me now. I came to Urzulka with thoughts about the passage of time and how, despite leading different lives, we're all existing within the same space and driving the same roads. Together, we came to realize that a lot of how we measure time is by our relationships; we can remember five years ago and the friends, coworkers, and neighbors we had. They define that time and give it life. Eventually, the video became a story about routine, the importance of friendship and community, and motion. - Christelle Bofale