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Vagabon - Infinite Worlds FD-052


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Within the songs of Laetitia Tamko there are infinite worlds: emotional spaces that grow wider with time, songs within songs that reveal themselves on each listen. Tamko is a multi-instrumentalist and a producer, recording since 2014 as Vagabon. On her debut, Infinite Worlds, she hones her singular voice and vision with an unprecedented clarity. Infinite Worlds builds upon Tamko’s stripped-down demos that have been circulating online and throughout the independent music community for the past two years. Her Persian Garden cassette, released in 2014 via Miscreant Records, was a lo-fi collection where she embraced a first-thought best-thought approach, making songs that began with just her voice and guitar. But here, Tamko is a main performer of synths, keyboard, guitars, and drums, at times enlisting the work of session studio musicians.

Tamko’s songs are embedded with her own story and personal history: growing up in Cameroon, her family’s move to New York and adjusting to culture shock. Infinite Worlds was recorded at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz, NY with engineer and co-producer Chris Daly. Tamko and Daly worked closely and tirelessly in his upstate NY studio through the winter into the spring of 2016. The album’s title references a book of poetry by Dana Ward called The Crisis of Infinite Worlds, a book Tamko found particularly inspiring during her recording process.


  1. The Embers
  2. Fear & Force
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Mal á L'aise
  5. 100 Years
  6. Cleaning House
  7. Cold Apartment
  8. Alive and A Well
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250 / Coke-Bottle Green w/ Metallic Gold Color-in-Color 12"
500 / Metallic Silver 12"

1500 / Metallic Silver 12"

500 / Electric Blue 12"

500 / Milky Clear w/ Red Pinwheel 12"