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Never Young - Singles Tape II: SoftBank FD-048


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Over the last two years Never Young have become a staple of the Northern Californian music scene. Formed in 2014 around the song-writing partnership of childhood friends Christopher Adams and Nikolas Soelter, they’ve developed a unique, urgent blend of 90’s punk combined with an idiosyncratic knack for writing angular pop songs.

For Singles Tape II: SoftBank, the quartet leans into their pop inclinations, finding solace in bright melodies and clever structures. There’s the immediacy of “Beta Male Erotica” and its shimmering guitars, the simple, chanty refrain of “Soap,” and the dense, churning energy of “Gasoline Aphrodisiac,” ending in the climatic declaration, ‘and I like it’, repeated over and over before cymbals crash and scraping guitars conclude. The five-song EP was recorded in San Francisco at Ruminator Audio with Monte Vallier (Wax Idols, Weekend) with production aid from Shaun Durkan of Weekend.

Included as a sole companion piece to the digital download is a soft enamel pin with sturdy clasp, white inside with a gold border and backing. The perfect accessory accouterment to Never Young's trademark modernist design ethic.


  1. In A Spin
  2. Beta Male Erotica
  3. Soap
  4. Gasoline Aphrodisiac
  5. Glass Pendant