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Hiccup - Hiccup FD-034


Hiccup is a 3 piece rock 'n roll band from Brooklyn, NY. Hiccup has five minutes to write this bio before Hiccup needs to be on a train. Hiccup is Hallie, Piyal, and Alex. Hiccup combines pop melodies with vocal harmonies and a buzzsaw distortion that one sound engineer complained "sounds like bees." Hiccup has varied opinions on The Beatles, but all agree about The Ramones. Hiccup will waste half of practice gossiping if they don't focus. Hiccup is the reason you keep finding granola bar wrappers at your rehearsal space. Hiccup appreciates your interest in Hiccup. Hiccup just missed their train.

- Debut EP from Brooklyn's Hiccup, limited to 250 cassingle style tapes
- Comes with free digital download
- Features "Fuckup" and "Whatevs, It's Cool"
- Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, IL.


  1. Fuckup
  2. Whatevs, It's Cool
Pressing Information

250 / White Cassette