Hiccup // Hiccup

Hiccup is a 3 piece rock ‘n roll band from Brooklyn, NY. Hiccup has five minutes to write this bio before Hiccup needs to be on a train. Hiccup is Hallie, Piyal, and Alex. Hiccup combines pop melodies with vocal harmonies and a buzzsaw distortion that one sound engineer complained “sounds like bees.” Hiccup has varied opinions on The Beatles, but all agree about The Ramones. Hiccup will waste half of practice gossiping if they don’t focus. Hiccup is the reason you keep finding granola bar wrappers at your rehearsal space. Hiccup appreciates your interest in Hiccup. Hiccup just missed their train. Hiccup is out October 16, 2015.

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SPORTS All of Something 1400x1400

SPORTS // All of Something

All of Something, SPORTS’ sophomore album, was recorded in Philadelphia with celebrated DIY producer and musician Kyle Gilbride (Waxahatchee, Girlpool, Swearin’). The album unfurls like a flag outside a midwestern bedroom window, lifted with the air of uncertainty of those first, confusing steps of adulthood. Perry’s freckled voice, equal parts longing and hopeful, carries through with damning drums and tickling guitar solos. Each song jangles on, sometimes releasing declarative, fighting words and other times as careful as notes left on the fridge. All of Something will be released on October 30, 2015.

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Diet Cig // Sleep Talk / Dinner Date

Sleep Talk / Dinner Date is a Father/Daughter and Art Is Hard co-release. The 7″ is limited to 1000 copies on white frosted clear vinyl. The songs with be available digitally — “Sleep Talk” on 7/10/15 and “Dinner Date” on 8/21/15 — and will be released on vinyl 9/18/15. Like Over Easy, it was recorded with Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Company in New Paltz, NY and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music.

After beginning as a casual project between Alex Luciano (guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums), New Paltz, New York’s Diet Cig have made a big statement out of five highly infectious pop songs. The pair met under rather unusual circumstances: Luciano, desperate for a lighter, interrupted the set of Bowman’s other band, Earl Boykins. No lighter was to be found, but a friendship was sparked and Diet Cig was born.

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Diet Cig - Sleep Talk - Single

pwr bttm square cover

PWR BTTM // Ugly Cherries

PWR BTTM is a queer punk band consisting of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. The band was formed at Bard College where Bruce and Hopkins bonded over a mutual interest in bringing elements of performance and drag artistry into DIY culture. While at Bard the duo recorded a demo, Cinderella Beauty Shop, and the Republican National Convention split EP with Jawbreaker Reunion. On these releases, Hopkins plays guitar and sings, and Bruce plays drums. Since then, the two have begun to share vocal/songwriting duties and have also started to trade off instruments. This development is very much apparent on their forthcoming LP, Ugly Cherries, an album documenting the duo’s experiences with queerness, gender, and adulthood over the course of a year of living in upstate New York. Ugly Cherries will be out September 18, 2018 on Father/Daughter + Miscreant Records

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PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries - Single


O-FACE // Mint

O-FACE began on Whidbey Island, a vacation getaway located in Washington state’s Puget Sound. Originally a bedroom-pop duo featuring vocalist/guitarists Seth Sobottka and Preston Ossman, the duo grew into a quintet during Sobottka and Ossman’s freshman year at Bard College in New York’s Hudson Valley. Joined by Atticus Pomerantz on bass, Dash Flach on synth, and Clay Kaledin on drums, the group spent a over a year recording and producing their debut LP ‘Taste’–a process which helped them realize that brevity has its benefits.  Set for release as O-FACE graduates from Bard and bids farewell to the musical community they’ve called home for the past three years, Mint touches frequently on memory–memories of beat-up station wagons, Star Trek reruns, and the perils of combining record collections. Mint is out now on Father/Daughter + Miscreant Records.

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O-FACE - Mint EP


Pupppy // Shit In The Apple Pie

What began as a solo project in 2013 for singer-songwriter Will Rutledge developed into Pupppy, the Purchase, NY quartet lead by Rutledge (vocals, guitar), joined by Sam Skinner on guitar, Victor Massari on drums, and Nick Hasko on bass. Pupppy puts all their cards on the table in the form of nine charming pop songs on the band’s debut, Shit In The Apple Pie. Rutledge worked on the album with guitarist Sam Skinner for nearly 14 months. After a lot of re-recording, scrapping, re-writing, crying, hair-pulling, and so on, Pupppy arrived at a finished work they are proud of, which contains songs that hark to personal and engaging memories of feeling dumb, puking at the MoMA, and all the unforgettably humiliating moments where something we don’t like slaps us back into reality.

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Pupppy - Shit In The Apple Pie


Various Artists// Faux Real II

Faux Real II is the second volume in the Faux Real compilation series, originally launched as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2014. Rising from the ashes of its RSD15 rejection, Faux Real II follows its predecessor with ten new covers of songs originally made famous by faux musicians. Faux Real II is available on “Fake Grape” purple vinyl, limited to 500 copies (includes digital download card). It will not be repressed or released digitally.

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Soft Cat // All Energy Will Rise

Soft Cat is the musical project of Neil Sanzgiri with a rotating cast of collaborative musicians from Baltimore, MD and beyond. What started as bedroom a recording project in 2009 grew into a baroque ensemble consisting of horns, flutes, cello, violin, banjo, classical and electric guitar. With the live formation constantly rotating from members moving to new cities, Sanzgiri’s most frequent collaborators are Brendan Sullivan on electric lead, Kate Barutha on cello and Evan Merkel on violin. All Energy Will Rise is out now on Miscreant Records + Father/Daughter Records.

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Soft Cat - All Energy Will Rise


Never Young // Never Young EP

Never Young is a noise rock band from the Bay Area in California. Blending raw punk sounds and 90’s guitar music with a synthetic digital aesthetic, jarring militant anthems meet angular pop songwriting. Never Young’s futurist sound is fleshed out and fully realized on their new self-titled EP; the sound of a pastel yellow iPhone 5c crashing through the window of your psyche. Principle songwriters Christopher Adams (vocals/guitar) and Nikolas Soelter (vocals/guitar) are joined live by Samuelito Cruz (drums) and Niko Escudero (bass). This EP follows their 2014 release, Master Copy, also released on Father/Daughter Records. Recorded with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, these four songs mark the beginning of an exciting band.

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Never Young - Never Young EP


Anomie // Anomie EP

Anomie is the solo moniker of Philadelphia, PA-based Rachel Browne, current Field Mouse vocalist/guitarist and forever alt-pop songstress. The four songs on Anomie’s self-titled EP were written in California over the span of a week where Rachel escaped to think during a difficult time. What emerged was a time capsule for the experience — the music functioning as a therapeutic means to alleviate the heartache Rachel felt in the moment.

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Anomie - Anomie EP


Diet Cig // Over Easy EP

Diet Cig is a pop rock band from New Paltz, NY, fronted by Alex Luciano with Noah Bowman of Earl Boykins (Forged Artifacts) on drums. The five charming songs on the debut Over Easy EP, written by Alex in the comforts of her bedroom, capture the innocence of adolescence and infatuation. Over Easy was recorded on Halloween 2014 with Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Co in New Paltz, NY (Porches, Quarterbacks, Earl Boykins) and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music.

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Diet Cig - Over Easy EP


Happy Diving // Big World

Listening to East Bay’s Happy Diving it’s hard to believe that they’ve only been together since 2013. A year ago, friends Matt Berry, Samuelito Cruz, Mikey Rivera, and Matt Yankovitz decided to form a band after previous projects fell apart. Since then they’ve been busy making music that fans of Tony Molina, Connecticut’s Ovlov and early Weezer can appreciate. Their debut full-length, Big World, was recorded over a whirlwind two days at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA, with the help of producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Whirr). Big World sees the band channeling the energy first displayed on their Self-Titled EP, as well as their deafening and vivacious live shows, into ten concise, sludgy pop songs.

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Happy Diving - Big World


Sharpless // The One I Wanted To Be

Sharpless began in a bedroom on a 20th birthday, in an attempt to express repressed thoughts and feelings. Frustrated by the lo-fi conventional sounds of bedroom pop, Sharpless utilizes the bedroom studio to create dense pop arrangements that weave between experimental and Top 40. The One I Wanted To Be features guest appearances from Small Wonder, Told Slant, Bellows, Eskimeaux, and many more members of The Epoch, a Brooklyn-based DIY collective. Lyrically, the album is a sprawling and personal narrative about past lives, parallel universes, and the search for home.

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Sharpless - The One I Wanted To Be

Rivergazer Album Art

Rivergazer // Random Nostalgia

Rivergazer is the musical project of London-born, New York-bred songwriter, Kevin Farrant. Since 2011 he has quietly self-released demos and an EP entitled, Oh My Ego, and played in a variety of bands including guitar with childhood friend Aaron Maines’ Porches. (Exploding In Sound). On Random Nostalgia, Farrant teamed up with producer Hunter Davidsohn and longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist, Kolson Pickard to achieve a bigger conceptual sound. The album tells a tale of modern sadness — growing up in the suburbs, getting married and divorced, having no money, being in debt, driving mom’s car, friends, isolation, wanting a dog, finding zen, and making memories. Rivergazer has crafted an album that is both thematically relatable and sonically familiar, residing at the intersection of nostalgia and now.

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Rivergazer - Random Nostalgia

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Cocktails // Adult Life

Cocktails sound more like a frosty, cheap beer on a sweaty summer day than some pretentious potion stirred up by a mixologist, a badge of honor the San Francisco quintet proudly sports. With their debut long player in hand, Cocktails return with a mature attitude and a refined version of their no-frills blue collar power-pop. Recorded with Warm Soda’s Rob Good at his Oakland, CA Fuzz City studio, Adult Life rides an ebullient harmonic wave with twists of garage simplicity and Moog flourishes, hinting at traces of effortlessly cool outfits like The Rentals and Big Star.

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Adult Life - Cocktails


Colours // You Can’t See Me

Colours is the musical work of Australian born and London based producer/songwriter, Tom Crandles. After countless incarnations, Colours has manifested itself from industrial shoegaze into a mold of its own. Driving grooves pulsate beneath luscious synthesizers and jarring guitars, sending you into a lucid dream.

You Can't See Me - Single - Colours


Spirit Kid // Is Happening

Spirit Kid is the musical moniker of songwriter Emeen Zarookian, backed by members of Boston bands Babydriver and Bent Shapes. Started in the mid-2000s as a solo project, Spirit Kid was officially formed in 2010 with the release of his debut self-titled album on the RPL Audio imprint. The Boston based indie-pop band has since released a string of singles (7″ and cassette) and an EP, supporting acts such as Eli “Paperboy” Reed, Zeus, Darwin Deez, and Here We Go Magic, throughout New England and down both coasts. For Is Happening, Spirit Kid’s sophomore album, Zarookian teamed up with producer Jeremy Mendicino of Boston’s Pretty & Nice. The ten track full-length spotlights the jangly power-pop and wistful harmonies that Spirit Kid is known for.

Spirit Kid - Is Happening


Never Young // Master Copy

Never Young is the Bay Area noise punk band led by Christopher Adams and Nikolas Soelter. Recorded at the Secret Bathroom in Oakland, CA by Max Senna, Master Copy is an aggressive audible assault. Master Copy is available digitally and on two cassette formats – standard and an expanded edition housed in an audio album with a handmade, limited edition zine.

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Never Young - Master Copy


Andy Sadoway // Str8 Sh00ter EP

Str8 Sh00ter is a 4-song EP from Bent Shapes drummer, Andy Sadoway.  Sadoway’s comfort with syncopated rhythm and knack for hooks is the foundation to his songwriting.  Catchy melody drives everything: on his debut release he draws influence from his favorite 60’s pop legends Roy Orbison and Neil Sedaka, with nods to early crooners like Johnny Mathis and Eddy Arnold.

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Andy Sadoway - St8 Sh00ter


Small Wonder // Wendy

Small Wonder is the brainchild of Brooklyn, NY native, Henry Crawford. It began as an outlet for creating more electronic based music but has since evolved into Crawford’s principle moniker for any and all material. The makings of Wendy began when Crawford dropped out of college. Over the course of two years, he rewrote and reworked the album several times before beginning the recording process. Crawford enlisted the bedroom production of friend and colleague, Jack Greenleaf (Sharpless), starting in his parent’s house in New York and eventually moving to Chicago to finish. Wendy is loosely based on the metaphors and imagery of Peter Pan, as a means of exploring Crawford’s own insecurities about coming of age, and the loss of youth.

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Small Wonder - Wendy


Flagland // Love Hard

Love Hard is Flagland’s third album, and at twenty tracks, speaks volumes to the Brooklyn trio’s songwriting stamina and dedication to doing things on their own terms. The recording process was piecemeal, done sporadically by the band between shows, and with the exception of drums at Let ‘Em In Music in Brooklyn, was recorded and mixed in Dooley’s apartment. The themes weaving throughout Love Hard can be summed up with a few key words: Love hard. Fight hard. Live hard. The same can be said for the variance of musical styles. Equal amounts of ferocity are heard on the bipolar “Comfortable Life” and bleak, hard-hitting “Monster,” as on their musical antithesis, the jubilant power-pop “Sugarcube.” Flagland is a multi-dimensional band that is impossible to label or define. Everything is open to interpretation.

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Flagland - Love Hard


Happy Diving s/t EP

Happy Diving is a band from Northern California consisting of Matthew Berry (guitar/vocals), Matthew Yankovich (guitar), Mikey Rivera (bass) and Samuelito Cruz (drums). They formed Happy Diving after certain members left previous projects and decided to start something new. Within less than a month, they recorded with Jack Shirley at Atomic Gardens and released their self-titled debut, available now on Father/Daughter Records

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Happy Diving - Happy Diving EP


Running In The Fog // Silver EP

Running In The Fog is the moniker of San Francisco’s Amanda Harper. Harper’s deep seeded affinity for ‘90s R&B sets the scene for the project’s self-penned soul-infused space pop. Spending the better part of her adolescence singing and playing saxophone in jazz outfits, followed by a cross-country journey that took her to Philadelphia to study music and theater, her eclectic inspirations can be heard throughout everything she touches. On Silver, the six alluring tracks spotlight Harper’s silky vocals and hypnotic production.

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Running In The Fog - Silver-EP


Body Parts // Fire Dream

Body Parts mobilizes a singularly elegant experimental pop idiom to explore the contours of modern devotion and doctrines of self-improvement alongside the immoderate reverberations of remembrance. Weaving together influences as varied as the rationalist prescriptions of the self-made seeker-healer- Scientology mastermind L. Ron Hubbard, the sensual guitar-scapes of Prince, and the haunting vocals and surrealist melodrama of Kate Bush, Ryder Bach and Alina Cutrono form the group’s core. The vital rhythmic infrastructure and frankly infectious groove found both live and on the album comes thanks to the formidable duo of Raymond Proudfoot, bass and Taylor Dexter, drums. Newcomer Derek Coburn on keys and synthesizer completes their superlative live sound.

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Body Parts - Fire Dream


Bent Shapes // Feels Weird LP

Bent Shapes is Andy Sadoway, Ben Potrykus, and Supriya Gunda. Since forming under the name Girlfriends in 2009, the Boston trio has released a string of cassettes and 7”s full of fuzzy garage, frantic jangle pop, and scrappy post-punk on various labels (including band members’ own imprints). The band’s myriad of influences reference touchstones like Josef K, The Feelies, Jonathan Richman, Billy Childish, and The Fall.

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Bent Shapes - Feels Weird

Everywheres LP cover web

The Everywheres // The Everywheres LP

The self-titled debut from songwriter Samuel Hill’s project, The Everywheres, summons scrappy yet masterful psych-pop. Glowing garlands take shape from a cocktail of Davies odes, Brian Jonestown candidness and nomadic adventures. Swirling guitar wanes smooth to build a delicate, jewel-toned backbone from which peyote induced tambourines and blissed-out harmonies stem. Hill started making music as The Everywheres in the summer of 2012. The notorious drifter found himself back in his native Halifax, Nova Scotia, more specifically in the basement of his childhood home. It was there (along with time spent along the ocean shores in LaHave) that Hill was inspired to recount his journeys thru the power of song. He shacked up with his Tascam 4-track and every instrument he could get his hands on, laying down what would become The Everywheres’ debut.

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The Everywheres - The Everywheres


Saskatchewan // Occasion LP

Saskatchewan began as the project of Orlando, Florida based multi-instrumentalist Chandler Strang, whose inspiration was culled from the passion and intensity of muses like Tears for Fears and Phil Collins. Strang began collaborating with several other Orlando based musicians to further develop the dreamy aesthetic of his initial solo material. After the release of several EPs, the now full-fledged band, who has toured with Gauntlet Hair, Mister Heavenly, Hundred Waters, and Levek, amongst others, has released their debut album, Occasion.

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cocktails glue sleeve

Cocktails // Cocktails 7″ EP

Cocktails, San Francisco’s best kept after hours secret, have stepped into the sunlight with their self-titled EP. Recorded over three days in the summer of 2012 at Fuzz City with Matthew Melton and Rob Good (of Bay Area bands Warm Soda and Bare Wires,) Cocktails is the first official offering from the self described “slop pop” quartet. Their energetic power-pop punch hits somewhere between late 70s punk and fuzzed out 90s alt (think Teenage Fanclub or GBV anthems combined with the disarming honesty and pent-up aggression of This Year’s Model era Elvis Costello). They crank out big melodies, loud guitars, and loads of sticky sweet boy/girl vocal harmonies that will surely kick some pep into your step.

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Cocktails - EP - Cocktails


Leapling // Losing Face 10″ EP

Losing Face is the debut 5-song EP from Brooklyn, NY quartet, Leapling. Leapling began as home recordings, written by singer/guitarist Dan Arnes over the course of several months. From there, Dan and drummer, Yoni David, edited the tracks down to what would ultimately become Losing Face and also assembled a live band, which includes bassist R.J. Gordon (who also mastered the EP) and Joey Postiglione on lead guitar. They are the hearts and minds behind the Bushwick DIY venue/art space Big Snow Buffalo Lodge and the artist collective known as American Buffalo Recordings. You’d be hard pressed to find a group of people more committed to the local music community than these four dudes.

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Losing Face - EP - Leapling


Pure Bathing Culture // Pure Bathing Culture 12″ EP

Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille began writing songs together in 2009 while living in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011, the duo packed up their lives, moved to Portland, OR and realized that it was time to put a name to the new project — Pure Bathing Culture was born. Through various serendipitous connections, multi-instrumentalist and producer Richard Swift heard their early demos and immediately invited them to record with him at his National Freedom studio in Cottage Grove, OR. Pure Bathing Culture’s S/T EP is an elegant collection of four beautifully crafted songs, constructed with smooth melodies embodying the nostalgia of soft soulful 80s pop but with a freshness all of their own.

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Pure Bathing Culture - EP - Pure Bathing Culture


Oregon Bike Trails // High School Lover 7″

High School Lover is the new 7″ from Santa Monica, CA’s Oregon Bike Trails (now known as Cayucas). Zach Yudin originally created OBT as a solo project but has since expanded to a full band. The bass-y strut on “High School Lover” gets your head bobbing and at the same time, recalls a certain nostalgic nod to pop songs of the 1960s. The B-Side “Cayucas” is a previously unreleased track that is sure to bring to mind summer weekend trips with friends, riding to the beach in a fire red Thunderbird convertible with the top down. The 7″ is pressed on white vinyl and comes with an instant digital download.

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High School Lover - Single - Oregon Bike Trails


Mutual Benefit and Holy Spirits // Mutual Spirits split 12″

Mutual Spirits is split 12″ with Holy Spirits (New York, NY) and Mutual Benefit (Boston, MA). Mutual Benefit’s quirky and youthful arrangements are a welcomed companion to the textured delicacy of Holy Spirits. Mutual Spirits is pressed on gorgeous cream swirl vinyl with album art designed by Nathaniel Whitcomb of Think or Smile, limited to 250. Each 12″ purchase comes with an instant digital download.

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Mutual Spirits - Mutual Benefit & Holy Spirits

Levek 7" cover

Levek // Look on the Bright Side 7″

David Levesque aka Levek has been crafting some incredible a capella meets Afrobeat meets Disney vibes for a while now and we became instant fans at first listen. This 7″ includes two new tracks — “Look on the Bright Side” and “Slow” and is pressed on red vinyl (limited to 500). Every order comes with an instant digital download bundle including both songs on the 7″ + 3 bonus tracks.

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Look On the Bright Side - Single - Levek


tooth ache. // Skin 7″

Skin is the first 7″ from Burlington, VT’s tooth ache. (aka Alexandria Hall). tooth ache. perfects her masterfully crafted downer pop on the 2-song 7″, available now. Skin is pressed on clear vinyl, limited to 500 and comes with an instant digital download.

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Skin - Single - Tooth Ache.

Dream Talkin'

Family Trees // Dream Talkin 7″

Dream Talkin is the debut 7″ from Brooklyn’s Family Trees, available now from Father/Daughter Records. The trio cranks out delicious, pocket-sized beach pop jams that leave you thirsty for more. The vinyl is pressed on clear wax, limited to 500 and comes with immediate digital download.

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Dream Talkin' - Single - Family Trees