"Pivot Fakie" Pardoner's newest single, streaming on GoldFlakePaint now

The last single off Pardoner's first LP, Uncontrollable Salvation, is available to stream on GoldFlakePaint starting today. The track, dubbed "Pivot Fakie", features guitarist Trey Flanigan belting out lyrics about experiencing a loss of control. "Slipping and sliding, hopelessly gliding, getting carried away" is one of our favorite lines off "Pivot Fakie". Peep what GoldFlakePaint has to say about it here. Uncontrollable Salvation will be releasing on Sept. 8 of this year.

Listen to Who Is She?, Seattle's newest supergroup

Nostalgic of the simplicity of having your favorite MySpace pals being ranked on your profile as your Top 8? Seattle's own, Who Is She?, features members of Tacocat, Chastity Belt, and Lisa Prank and takes you on a trip down cyber-memory lane with their first single, "Top 8". Read the Stereogum piece here, and pre-order the tape Seattle Gossip before its release on 10/06.

NPR Music shares title track off forthcoming Pardoner album

NPR Music calls "Uncontrollable Salvation" a "blessing that bludgeons...a muscle spasm of Polvo's weirdo heft and Dinosaur Jr.'s slacker fuzz, set to a disaffected punk squall." Talk about WOW. Listen to the track HERE then hurry over and pre-order the record on Red or Black vinyl, CD and digitally.

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